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About Canadian Annuities :

Annuity is a simple financial product that provides a steady source of income following a single lump sum investment. The investment is made to an insurance company that in turn pays a guaranteed income, that includes interest and principal, to the annuity holder.

What types of annuities are there?

  • Immediate Life Annuity - An annuity that is paid for in one lump sum, and pays out over a long period of time. This type of annuity takes effect immediately. More Info

  • Variable Life Annuity - The value of the annuity will change based on its underlying investment performance. This allows the annuity to accumulate in value. More Info

  • Fixed Life Annuity - An annuity that provides a guaranteed interest rate for a fixed period of time, allowing for predictable growth and reliable payout. More Info

  • Ordinary Life Annuity – The payments are guaranteed for life, and end on the policy holder’s death. More Info

  • Guaranteed Life Annuity - The payments under this annuity are guaranteed for a set number of years, and continue to be paid to a beneficiary in the event the policy holder dies before it ends. More Info

  • Joint and Last Survivor Annuity – An annuity endorsed by two parties. Payable to both parties during the policy’s life. Should one policy holder die, the remainder is paid to the survivor. More Info

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