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About Canadian Annuities

Annuity is a simple financial product that provides a steady source of income following a single lump sum investment. The investment is made to an insurance company that in turn pays a guaranteed income, that includes interest and principal, to the annuity holder.

What types of annuities are there?

Deferred Annuity
Unlike traditional annuity, this type allows for accumulation phase to increase capital base. More about Deferred Annuity
Immediate Life Annuity
Start your retirement income immediately and budget for your future. More about Immediate Life Annuity
Variable Life Annuity
Maximize your retirement income with a host of investment plans. More about Variable Life Annuity
Fixed Life Annuity
Guaranteed growth ensures you can provide a sustainable future income. More about Fixed Life Annuity
Ordinary Life Annuity
Payments guaranteed for life alongside an affordable rate. More about Ordinary Life Annuity
Guaranteed Life Annuity
Ensure a term of payments that won’t end, even if you die before it expires. More about Guaranteed Life Annuity
Joint & Last Survivor Annuity
Payable to you and your spouse. After first death, payments continue to the survivor. More about Joint & Last Survivor Annuity

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