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About CARP Life Insurance

CARP, a Canadian non-profit organization, providing financial planning solutions to Canadians seniors across the nation. Exclusive to CARP members, this organization provides the following insurance products:

CARP Term Life
10 Year term Renewable to Age 85. You may convert to a permanent plan before age 70. More about CARP Term Life
CARP Guaranteed Issue
No medical exam for ages 50 to 80. Living benefit may pay benefits early. More about CARP Guaranteed Issue
CARP Accidental Death
Includes fracture coverage. Complimentary coverage available on request. More about CARP Accidental Death
CARP Long Term Care
A living income while you seek home or facility care in your elder years. More about CARP Long Term Care
CARP FollowMe
No medical exam when you switch from your group plan. Renewable up to age 80. More about CARP FollowMe

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