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Equitable Life Critical Illness Insurance

Equitable Life's EquiLiving program not only offers the assurance of financial protection in the event of illness, but also provides that critical support that sufferers need when seeking resources and aid in managing their condition.

Features of this product include:

  • Available for ages 18 to 65, or up to age 17 for the child plan.
  • Coverage of up to $2 million for over 25 covered conditions and 5 children's conditions.
  • Receive a $50,000 benefit for early detections of some covered conditions.
  • Receive BestDoctor's support, a medical resource that helps sufferers of illness get specialist referrals and access to illness support programs.

Equitable Life Living Protection

Equitable Life's Living Protection plan offers you financial assurance when facing life-changing illness. Unique among critical illness plans, Living Protection offers coverage for you and your family with no medical exam require, putting less between you and peace of mind.

  • Available to Canadians up to Age 65;
  • Choice of 10-year renewable term or level to age 75;
  • Premiums are guaranteed for the plan you've chosen;
  • No medical exam required, with up to $50,000 in coverage;
  • Provides a tax-free benefit if you are diagnosed with heart attack, cancer, stroke, or you need coronary bypass surgery.

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