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Funeral Expense Coverage in New Brunswick

Talking about death is a complicated topic, but sooner or later, the time will come, and what better way to be prepared to protect our loved ones than with funeral expense coverage.

Funeral costs in New Brunswick can reach $10,000, and this doesn’t include other expenses such as church services, obituary, reception, or flowers. Without funeral expense coverage, your loved ones will have to take care of these bills out of their pocket, which is something nobody wants to leave behind as a legacy.

Benefits of our Funeral Expense Coverage Plan:

  • The death benefit is paid out tax-free.
  • No medical exams are required to apply.
  • Ensures your family won’t have to cover off your outstanding debts and final expenses.

If you are interested in acquiring funeral expense coverage in New Brunswick, do not hesitate to fill out our application form to get a free no-obligation quote. Our team of licensed and local advisors is here to help you find the best policy that matches your needs and fits into your budget.

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