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Funeral Expense Coverage in Nova Scotia

The average cost of a funeral in Nova Scotia is around $10,000, and it can be a significant undertaking for your loved ones if they have to cover it on their own. Our funeral expense coverage can help with costs associated with your funeral and other end-of-life debts. The plan is a simple way to provide your beneficiaries with the financial tools required to face your final expenses and avoid additional stress during an already difficult time.

The funeral expense plan can also be used as a legacy for your loved ones. It can help them meet future milestones, such as securing a college education for their children or supporting them with a down payment on a new home.

Our funeral expense coverage plan helps by:

  • Securing your family’s financial future.
  • Providing coverage for outstanding debts that affect your loved ones.
  • Offering an entirely tax-free benefit to your beneficiaries.
  • Ensuring your loved ones have a legacy that can help them with their life milestones.

Buying a funeral expense policy is one of the most important financial decisions you can make, so it is best to get the support of true professionals behind you. We help Canadians in Nova Scotia easily find coverage through our quick and straightforward application process that requires no medical exams or face-to-face meetings with agents.

We only work with leading Canadian providers to offer you the best rates and the right coverage for your needs. To learn about your options and receive a free, no-obligation quote, fill out our short form now to get started.

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