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Funeral Expense Coverage in Ontario

There is no better time to discuss end-of-life plans with your loved ones when you have the strength and resources to prepare for the unexpected. Funerals have a high cost that can reach upwards of $8,000 for the most basic service but can easily exceed $20,000 in Ontario. These excessive amounts can bring a financial burden to your family without proper financial planning. We know Canadians in Ontario don’t want to leave debt behind as their legacy. Why not prepare in advance and keep those who matter most financially stable after you’re gone?

Funeral Expense Coverage Benefits:

  • Financial peace of mind for your loved ones.
  • Pay off your outstanding debts, including, but not limited to, funeral costs.
  • Tax-free death benefit.
  • No medical exams are required to be eligible.
  • Quick and simple online application.

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Our Funeral Expense Coverage is an excellent option to protect the financial stability of your loved ones. At a difficult time, the people who matter most to you deserved to be protected from financial strain. Our Funeral Expense Coverage helps Canadians living in Ontario provide a simple and affordable way to protect their loved ones financially.

We work with all major Canadian providers, which gives us the flexibility to tailor your policy based on your budget and unique circumstances. If you are ready to discover your options, please complete our simple form to receive a free no-obligation quote.

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