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Personal health insurance can help you cover the expenses associated with an illness or accident, such as prescription drugs, physiotherapy, out-of-country emergency care and more. While provincial plans provide coverage, there are often significant gaps where out of pocket payments are required from you. Moreover, if you currently don’t have coverage from your employer or are losing them, a personal health insurance plan will provide invaluable coverage when you need it most.

Is Personal Health Insurance right for you?

  • Are you worried that your work coverage isn't enough for you and your family? Additional coverage can protect the people who matter most and provide the health care they deserve.
  • Is your family expanding? As your family grows, so does the need for more coverage. You never know if your loved ones will need glasses, medication, or hearing aids. Are you financially prepared for those potential expenses?
  • Are you self employed and don’t have benefits? Personal health insurance can provide you with the essential financial protection you need. Without an employer plan as a foundation, it is even more important to ensure you have proper health insurance coverage so you can get access o important health and wellness services.
  • In between jobs? Laid off? Losing your employee benefits can severely hinder you and your family’s access to vital medical care and emergency coverage. Personal health insurance during this transitional period can act as a safety net ensuring you have coverage for any medical need.

We work with leading providers in Health Insurance and are able to provide a customized solution for your needs and budget.

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