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About Humania Assurance Inc.

Humania Assurance Inc. roots date back to 1874 with the establishment of L'Union Saint-Joseph de Saint-Hyacinthe, a fraternal benefit society. Over the years the company has adopted the name La Survivance. In 2007 a new corporate name LS Mutual Life Insurance Company.

In 2012 LS Mutual Life Insurance Company was split into two entities: LS Mutual Management and Humania Assurance Inc. Humania remains under the control of LS Mutual Management.

Humania Assurance Inc. offers a full portfolio of personal protection products such as life, critical illness and disability insurance.

Humania Term Life
Guaranteed coverage up to age 80 on terms of 10 to 30 years. Coverage up to $2 million. More about Humania Term Life
Humania No Medical Life Insurance
Up to $300,000 in benefits for life, critical illness, and disability with no medical exam required. More about Humania No Medical Life Insurance
Humania Disability Insurance
Designed for business overhead coverage and the self-employed. May be paired with life insurance. More about Humania Disability Insurance
Humania Critical Illness
Flexible insurance plans. Dedicated cancer coverage available with no medical exam. More about Humania Critical Illness

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