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Traditional life insurance plans can often be unaccommodating for seniors because of their stricter application processes and demanding health requirements. But new options are being made available in the seniors life insurance market, and Mantiobian seniors are benefiting from simpler, more affordable coverage. From plans with no medical exams to coverage options with a faster and more straightforward application process, new developments are making seniors life insurance more accessible than ever.

Today, Canadian seniors can benefit from plans that offer advantages such as:

  • More varied age eligibility ranges with some plans offering coverage up to age 80.
  • Tax-free benefits ranging from $5,000-$500,000.
  • No long waiting periods, with some plans being effective the same day you purchase coverage.
  • Simplified Issue or No Medical options which are designed to make the application process much more accessible by removing the medical exam requirement.
  • Guaranteed Issue life insurance options require no medical exams or health questionnaires, making these plans the easiest to be approved for and purchase.

We are a team of dedicated life insurance professionals working across Manitoba specializing in seniors life insurance products. We work with Canadian seniors and provide affordable and reliable plan options that fit into any budget.

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