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More Canadians living in Newfoundland and Labrador are facing issues with getting insured with an underlying health condition or a family history of health problems. Unfortunately, with traditional life insurance plans, medical exams are required to apply. These medical exams make it more difficult for people to be eligible for coverage. They are the most significant barrier preventing Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador from finding the right plan that works for their needs.

No medical life insurance plans help with this ever-growing problem Canadians face with traditional life insurance plans. When you apply for coverage with a no medical life insurance policy, you never have to undergo a medical exam. More and more Canadians across Newfoundland and Labrador are turning to no medical life insurance when looking for coverage because of the straightforward and quick application process.

No medical life insurance comes in two distinct plan options:

Simplified Issue Life Insurance
A simplified issue plan has just one requirement, a short medical questionnaire. As a result, the process is quick and more accessible than traditional life insurance plans. More about Simplified Issue Life Insurance
Guaranteed Life Insurance
A guaranteed life insurance plan is the most approachable coverage option on the market. It doesn’t require a medical exam or a health questionnaire when you apply. More about Guaranteed Life Insurance

Our team works with a range of Canada’s most reputable life insurance companies to provide Canadians in Newfoundland and Labrador with various no medical life insurance options. Our advisors work across the province and are always accessible when you need them.

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