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Canadians in Nova Scotia and Canada living with a health condition can struggle with getting life insurance through traditional plans. The medical exam requirement found in most traditional life insurance plans is a significant barrier that can lead to many people being denied coverage due to their health issues. However, Nova Scotians with an underlying health issue or a family history of health problems have another option available that makes getting coverage considerably easier.

A no medical life insurance plan simplifies the application process and bypasses the need to undergo a medical exam. So, your current and past health and your family health history have no impact on your eligibility for coverage with this unique plan option. No medical life insurance is fast becoming the most popular life insurance choice in Nova Scotia because of its accessibility and straightforward application.

When looking at a no medical life insurance plan, there are two options to choose from:

Simplified Issue Life Insurance
This form of no medical coverage does away with medical exam requirements and only asks a short health questionnaire to determine your rates and coverage options. More about Simplified Issue Life Insurance
Guaranteed Life Insurance
Guaranteed plans have the most accessible application process of any life insurance plan on the market by not requiring a medical exam or a health questionnaire to be eligible. More about Guaranteed Life Insurance

We have access to the latest no medical life insurance plans and provide Canadians in Nova Scotia with a wealth of plan options. With advisors working across the province, we always ready to help you find the no medical life insurance coverage you need at a comfortable price.

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