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Living with health conditions or a family history of medical issues can impact your ability to find life insurance coverage through traditional plans. Many Canadians in Ontario have some form of medical complications and experience difficulty getting insured and financially protecting their loved ones. Unfortunately, most traditional life insurance plans require medical exams when you apply to determine your eligibility. As a result, if you have medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension, you could face a denial.

But Ontarians have another coverage option they can turn to if they’ve experienced issues finding a plan in the past. No medical life insurance offers a much more streamlined application process with fewer requirements, the biggest being no medical exams. With a no medical life insurance plan, your current health and your family’s health history cannot impact your eligibility for coverage. As a result, more Canadians in Ontario see the value in this form of life insurance and can finally get the coverage they need for the people who matter most in life.

No medical life insurance comes in two different versions:

Simplified Issue Life Insurance
This no-medical plan option only requires a short health questionnaire to determine premiums and plan options. More about Simplified Issue Life Insurance
Guaranteed Life Insurance
Guaranteed options are the most accessible coverage options on the market, with no medical exams or health questionnaires to undergo when you apply. More about Guaranteed Life Insurance

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