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Canadians in Prince Edward Island living with a health issue or those who have a family history of medical complications are likely to have experienced problems with finding life insurance. With traditional life insurance plans offered by Candian life insurance companies, there are often invasive and extensive medical exams required to apply for coverage. As a result of these requirements, many Canadians with medical issues are denied life insurance or face expensive premiums.

But with no medical life insurance plans, you don’t have to undergo any time-consuming medical exams when all you want is to apply for coverage. No medical life insurance provides Canadians in Prince Edward Island with a simple and stress-free way to get a life insurance plan. Your medical history or current health issues are not a defining factor in your eligibility for a policy, meaning you can find a life insurance plan much faster and without worry.

There are two forms of no medical life insurance, and both focus on making life insurance more accessible for Canadians to apply for:

Simplified Issue Life Insurance
With a simplified no medical plan, you never have to go through a medical exam to apply. The only requirement is a short health questionnaire to determine your premiums. More about Simplified Issue Life Insurance
Guaranteed Life Insurance
A guaranteed life insurance plan has no medical exam or health questionnaire requirements, making it the easiest way to get insured with a health issue. More about Guaranteed Life Insurance

Across Prince Edward Island, our helpful advisors are guiding Canadians to better no medical life insurance plans. We understand how getting insured with a medical condition can be frustrating, and it is that understanding that has shaped us into leading experts in no medical life insurance coverage.

If you are ready to discover your plan options, please feel free to complete our short free quote form on our site. Once that is submitted, one of our representatives will reach out to you and provide you with your free no-obligation quote and plan options.

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