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PC Financial Life Insurance

PC Financial has joined with the Canada Life Assurance company to offer low-cost, high-value insurance to PC Financial members and their family. These plans are unique in that PC Financial offers coverage often without a medical exam, and budget-friendly discounts that help you accommodate the cost of insurance into your financial plan.

PC Financial offers the following insurance products:

PC Term Life Insurance

Available up to age 69 on a 5-year, renewable term. Coverage options are available up to $250,000 with no medical exam required. Should you become terminally ill, you are entitled to receive half your coverage early.

PC Critical Illness Insurance

Insured yourself for up to $100,000 against serious illnesses such as: cancer, heart attack, and stroke. This plan included benefits from the Best Doctors global service, and no medical exam is required in order to qualify for coverage.

PC Accidental Death Insurance

Coverage against accidental death up to a benefit of $150,000 with no medical exam required to qualify. Inclusive plan available that insures your spouse and any children under one policy. This plan also offers a complementary $2,000 in accident coverage the day you apply.

Please compare this institution to the rest of the Canadian market to ensure you’re getting the best possible conditions on your life insurance coverage.

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