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RBC Disability Insurance Plans

RBC Insurance offers a wide array of Disability Income Protection plans to help you cope should you lose your ability to earn an income. This type of insurance would protect the lifestyle you've created for yourself and your family.

RBC Simplified® Disability Insurance
  • Tax-Free monthly benefit of $500, $1000 or $1500 (75% of your monthly income maximum).
  • From age 18 to 55.
  • Premiums start at $10.50 per month.
  • Tax-free monthly benefits: $500, $1,000 or $1,500 (75% of your gross monthly income is the maximum).
  • No medical exams required.
The Bridge Series®
  • Disability coverage that offers disability benefits, return to work assistance and other options at a lower price.
  • For ages 18 – 60.
  • Level premiums.
  • Guaranteed renewable to age 65.
  • From age 55 to 65, you will be able to convert all or some of your coverage to long-term care insurance.
The Foundation Series™
  • For ages 18 – 60, with step-rated premiums for ages 18-35.
  • Coverage amounts from $3,000 up to $25,000.
  • Available with both level and step-rated premiums
  • Non-cancellable coverage up to age 65. After 65 it is guaranteed renewable for life if you are working full time.
  • Total disability and short- or long-term additional riders available.
The Fundamental Series™
  • For injury, the plan is available for ages 18 – 69; coverage to age 75.
  • For illness, the plan is available for ages 18 – 64; coverage to age 70.
  • Individual guaranteed and renewable disability insurance policy.
  • Level Premiums.
  • Benefit period if loss of income is due to an injury – 5 years, to age 70.
  • Benefit period if loss of income is due to an illness – 2 years, 5 years, or to age 70.
Medical Student Offer
  • Income protection for medical students and graduates.
  • Any student enrolled in a recognized Canadian medical school, residency or fellowship is eligible.
  • Medical students: 12 months of waived premiums.
  • Residency or fellowships: 5 months of waived premiums.
  • Policy is renewable for life.
Engineer Student Offer
  • Income protection for engineering students.
  • Engineering students in their final year and enrolled in a co-op or internship program is eligible.
  • Benefit amount can be as high as $3,500 a month.
  • After first monthly premium, students purchasing disability coverage for the first time can qualify for eight months of waived premiums.
The Professional Series®
  • Disability coverage for those who are non-salaried or work on a fee-for-service basis as well as salaried professional and executives.
  • For ages 18 - 60.
  • Non-cancellable to age 65. After 65, the policy can be renewed for life if you are working full time.
  • Built-in residual and long-term partial disability benefits.
  • Guaranteed renewable disability coverage with a focus on rehabilitation at a reduced premium.
  • Loss of earnings definition of disability – a minimum 20% loss of earnings and a reduced ability to work.
  • Allows you to receive benefits for two years, five years, or until age 65.
  • For ages 18 – 60.
  • Non-cancellable to age 65.
The Student Saving Programs
  • Available to select pre-graduate and graduate students who need disability coverage.
  • Up to 25% premium reductions.
  • First purchase of product will qualify for five months of waived premiums.
Retirement Protector
  • Helps those who are totally disabled to continue building up their retirement savings.
  • Can be purchased as a standalone policy or as a rider with other individual income protection products.
  • Non-cancellable and guaranteed to age 65.
  • For ages 18 – 55.
  • Monthly benefits can range from $300 to $1,500 (But cannot exceed 20% of monthly earned income.)
Wage Loss Replacement Plan (WLRP)
  • Disability plan that groups together individual disability policies under an employer's common plan
  • Employer funds the premiums.
  • Disability benefits are paid to the employee.
  • Premiums are a tax-deductible business expense.
  • The employer selects the participants and benefit levels by defining classes of employees.

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