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RBC Insurance is the largest Canadian bank-owned insurance organization. RBC Insurance provides a wide range of life, disability, and critical illness insurance services to tens of thousands of clients nationwide. RBC Insurance provides the following insurance solutions:

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RBC Term Life Insurance
10 to 40-year term lengths available. Convertible to a permanent plan up to age 71. More about RBC Term Life Insurance
RBC Permanent Life Insurance
Lifelong coverage options with guaranteed premiums and benefits for Canadian residents up to age 85. More about RBC Permanent Life Insurance
RBC Guaranteed Life Insurance
RBC offers Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Plan that makes getting insured easier for Canadians looking to safeguard their loved ones’ financial futures. More about RBC Guaranteed Life Insurance
RBC Disability Income Protection Insurance
Protect your income as you recover from a disability with one of RBC Insurance's many disability products. More about RBC Disability Income Protection Insurance
RBC Disability Business Protection Insurance
Own a business? Worried about its assets in the face of an injury or illness? RBC Insurance has a wide array of disability plans to help protect your business. More about RBC Disability Business Protection Insurance
RBC Critical Illness Insurance
Two plans offering basic and expanded coverage with lump sum benefits. More about RBC Critical Illness Insurance

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