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Secure Investing for Canadians – Segregated Funds


What is a Segregated Fund?

Segregated funds are investment products offered by Canadian life insurance companies. When you invest with a segregated fund, your investment is managed by professional financial advisors who help your investment grow over time. What makes segregated funds unique from other investment products is that they come with a guarantee that your initial investment is secure.

We have partnered with IA Financial Group, a leading Canadian insurer, to offer their top segregated funds portfolios. The securities in each portfolio have been carefully chosen by expert financial advisors for their exceptional performance. Apply today for your free, no obligation consultation.

Key Benefits of a Segregated Fund

  • Initial Investment Protection - Segregated funds guarantee 75% -100% of your initial investment when the policy matures. This benefit ensures that your principal investment is always secure even if there is a downturn in the market.

  • Death Benefit Guarantee - In the event of death, Segregated Funds are paid directly to your named beneficiary, thereby bypassing your Estate, and avoiding any possible lengthy delays.

  • Creditor Protection - This can be a considerable advantage for small business owners and professionals who want to limit their risk of loss in case of bankruptcy or lawsuits. Certain conditions apply.

  • Strong Performance - iA Financial Group has been ranked number one in net segregated fund sales in Canada since 2016, a privileged position that is not a coincidence. It is achieved by applying the highest standard of evaluation, selection and management of the fund line up.

  • Estate Planning - Segregated Funds are a useful tool for Estate Plan purposes. By avoiding the Estate (due to named Beneficiary designation) your assets do not attract Probate fees, and any possible legal and accounting fees common with a Will.

The fees associated with the benefits of segregated funds are usually included in the management expense ratio and vary according to the type of fund and the series (guarantee) chosen.
To find our more about this secured investment solution please apply for a free, no obligation consultation.


How are you planning to fund your account?

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