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About Universal Life Insurance

When you want a plan that can help you maximize your wealth while still providing insurance protection - Universal life may be the right plan for your needs.

How you invest into your policy is entirely up to you, and many insurers offer a variety of indexed, fixed, and guaranteed interest accounts at your disposal. Using this benefit, you can create tax-advantaged saving options to help set aside more for your retirement, and build value even if options such as your RRSP are maxed out.

Benefits of Universal Life Insurance:

  • Lifetime protection.
  • A safe way to build wealth.
  • An excellent way to continue to save when your RRSP is maxed out.
  • Tax-favored returns for non-registered assets.
  • Can protect your estate and provide for your retirement.

We work with all major Canadian providers to offer you the best rates on Universal Life Insurance. Our advisors work with the whole market to find you a plan that matches your budget and unique circumstances.

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